Common Questions

Answers to All Your Tree Inquiries

Do you hire other companies to do your work?

WE DO NOT Contract out our work to other companies. We have had several companies solicit saying we hired them to do work at their home or business. We do not hire out. Even if we are busy, we personally take care of you. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL US. 713-774-3330.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

Providing an estimate over the phone would do you and us a disservice. It would be similar to you asking a mechanic or carpenter how much it would be to fix your vehicle or remodel your bathroom without ever seeing it. We recommend either setting up an appointment or having us come by and email you our notes.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, and it varies based on distance. Our non-emergency minimums start at $225.00, plus tax. Sometimes the work you're calling for does not meet the minimum. Having an estimator come out any way can be of benefit as they will point out other trouble areas around your home that can be included to meet that minimum.

How much does a trim cost?

Trims vary by species, size, and location on the property. Often times there are structures beneath the trees (fencing, sheds, carports, specialized or older roofing, etc.) that we must take into consideration when estimating the time it would take to do the job properly and safely.

Are you insured?

Great question!  YES, and we have copies available to our customers on request. 
NOTE: If you are new to Don's Tree Service and are looking to have us provide a comparative estimate, make sure the other companies are insured as well. And don't just take their certificate for face value! We encourage you to call the number on their policy to ensure its authenticity. In the past, we have discovered our policy duplicated and altered to represent another company. Don't be left cleaning up someone else's mess.

Do you rescue cats from trees?

NO. While we love cats, it not only puts our climbers at risk of injury (from the cat and the climb), often times the cat has already rescued itself by the time we arrive. A few of our customers have used a long 2"x4" and a step ladder to provide a catwalk for a DIY rescue solution.

Do you charge tax?

YES. The state of Texas requires us to collect tax on the entire amount. We get this question often, as some "competitors" don't charge tax. From a consumer standpoint, you may want to question the validity of their business and liability you may have in hiring them. For more details on state requirements, please visit the State Comptroller's website

How is Don's Tree Service different from its competitors?

For over 40 years, Don's Tree Service has been the preferred resource in providing top quality Tree removal, pruning, and many other tree and landscape related services to the greater Southwest Houston area. A proud family owned and operated business, our skilled staff of tree professionals have more combined experience than many two of our competitors experience together!

Can I schedule a time for the estimator to come out?

YES. While we prefer to provide a 3 to 4 hour window for appointments, we know time can be tight. Call or submit a request online and an estimator will contact you to schedule. Do let is know time/day preferences and we will do our best to accommodate. After hours and weekends are available if necessary. Please let us know ahead of time if that is needed.

How deep do you grind stumps?

Normally we grind 8"-10" below the surface, and can grind deeper upon request. Underground piping, irrigation, and electrical are a few factors to consider when removing (and planting) a tree. If the stump is along the easement or close to the gas line surface grinding may be the only solution. For our safety and yours, we have the utilities marked prior to digging.

What do you do with your debris?

RECYCLE! Our debris is most often turned in to mulch. We do have area gardens and nature centers (i.e. Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire) that ask us to deliver our untreated tree debris for them to use in their space. Need a truck load of untreated mulch? Let us know! 

Do you provide free estimates?

YES. All estimates are free.

How do I pay my bill?

The 5 most common options:

        • Personal/Company Check at the end of the job.

        • We can pick one up later from a predesignated location (hiding spot) on site.

        • You may pay online via your own personal Customer Portal.

        • You may call in a credit card, 713-774-3330.

        • You can mail in a check to:

Don's Tree Service

5806 Maple St.

Houston, TX  77074 

Do you provide emergency service?

YES. We have estimators on call 24/7 within our emergency service area. While our estimators are available, the crew will only work once it's safe and as the weather allows. There is no charge for an estimator to assess the situation and provide an proposal, there is a $500 (plus tax) minimum for after hours/weekend/holiday emergency service. 

What do you look for when you come out?

We assess 360° of your property. We look at what trees and shrubs are not only in your yard, but what your trees and shrubs are doing to your neighbor's property, and what theirs are doing to yours. Key items of interest are limbs rubbing on or against the roof or house/garage, dead wood, seepage, bees (a good indication of a large void), and fungus. If you see something concerning, feel free to send in your question and a picture. We're here to help! 

Do you work weekends?

While estimators are available on weekends, only emergencies or commercial jobs with safer/unpopulated accessibility Saturday/Sunday are scheduled on the weekends.

Can you cut my wood into firewood?

YES. Many of our customers enjoy the fact that (usually for free) we will cut and stack their limbs (2"-6" in diameter) in to 16" (+/-) sticks of firewood. Let your estimator know ahead of time how much you'd like and we'll recycle the rest.

What do you do with nesting animals?

Often we come across nesting birds and squirrels, especially in the spring. While we do our best to work around these little guys, sometimes we have to disrupt their home. Often we successfully relocate the nests to a neighboring limb. Any that happen to lose their nest are secured a taken to the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition in Houston.  

What is your Customer Portal and is it Secure?

YES. We are a verified merchant with If you have a Customer Portal profile, you may access it here. If you do not yet have access, please contact us or send us an email and request your invitation. 

Do I need to be home for the estimate or work?

Many customers find it most convenient to have us to drive by and email our notes. Let us know ahead of time what concerns you may have and we'll be sure to address those as well as note anything else we find concerning. 
As for the day of service, many customers choose to have us do the work and will inspect the job upon a later arrival. Once we've completed the job, we will email the invoice. If we've missed anything, we will return to take care of that. You can then pay by either check or credit card.

Do you hire other companies to do your work?

WE DO NOT Contract out our work to other companies. We have had several companies solicit saying we hired them to do work at their home or business. We do not hire out. Even if we are busy, we personally take care of you. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL US. 713-774-3330.

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